Bartercard Warns against Email Scams

At Bartercard, we take great measures to make sure that every transaction you make within our global trading network will in no way present any potential harm to your finances. We control everything that occurs within our own websites; however we cannot do the same for outside factors such as email scams.

To combat this, Bartercard has put together some tips for avoiding being duped by an email scam, and keeping your transactions entirely secure.

  • Bartercard, under no circumstances, will ever require you to provide personal details through email communication. This includes account passwords, credit card details, and even contact information. If you find an email asks this of you, please do not engage with it as it most likely has not been sent from a Bartercard official.
  • Apart from the red flag of asking you for information, some email scams may be as subtle as to require you to click on a link that allows them to download a virus to your computer. Not all Bartercard emails with links will be scams, but there are several ways to identify whether the communication is solicited. This includes checking the email address it has come from, whether your name has been referenced correctly, and whether there are grammatical errors written throughout the body of the email.
  • If in doubt, always contact Bartercard to make sure. Our team at 1300 BARTER is always happy to assist you, and would rather you be safe than sorry when it comes to the security of your Bartercard account. We also have a form to the right that you can use to submit a report if you believe you have been contacted by an email scammer pretending to be Bartercard.