Bartercard Reviews From Our Retail

Over our 25 years of operation, Bartercard Australia has been able to help a significant amount of retail businesses improve their profit margins, and as such has gotten some great feedback. Below are just some of the success stories Bartercard has seen specifically for the retail industry.

Profile Fashion Accessories

As with any retail business owner, Jonathan Deen of Profile Fashion Accessories can at times find it challenging to get instant access to cash. That’s one of the reasons why he has found his membership with Bartercard so valuable, as he always has trade dollars readily available to use in those times. He’s also been able to utilise the trading network to move stock in a manner more effective than ever before, which has brought great strength to his business.

Amir Mitronics

For Roger of Amir Mitronics, being a member of Bartercard Australia is more than just moving stock, it’s about improving brand awareness too. He attributes a lot of the recognition his company has earned to the Bartercard network, going so far to say many of his customers wouldn’t have even heard of Amir Mitronics without their partnership with us.

Lillypad Flowers

Some concerns we get from people thinking about joining Bartercard Australia is that they won’t have anything to spend their trade dollars on. Paul Mance from Lillypad Flowers strongly assures people that this is not something to worry about. Recently he spent more than $20,000 trade dollars in just one month, on things varying between a big screen television, having his wife’s engagement ring re-set and purchasing stock from a florist closing down to use on his own business. Paul consistently uses trade dollars to buy things like ribbon and paper to use with arrangements, easing up his businesses’ cash flow significantly.

Trudie Fisher

The list of goods and services Trudie Fisher is able to buy through Bartercard to help her business is endless. Window cleaning, pest control, cash registers, computers, office furniture, incentives and Christmas gifts for staff, and so much more are all items that would usually tie up Trudie’s cash flow, but not anymore.

Nymboida Crystal

Since joining Bartercard Australia, Daniel Shore of Nymboida Crystal has seen some significant changes to his business. For starters, the relationships he has been able to build with other business owners in our network have been highly valuable. There are also the numerous opportunities he has enjoyed for selling his stock, which has seen a dramatic increase in his bottom line sales and profit margins.

Liz Clift International

As a member for more than 18 years, it’s safe to say that Liz Clift of Liz Clift International has seen some great success through Bartercard. The decision to join came after they opened a boutique two years earlier and wanted to consolidate their cash primarily to purchase stock while using their Bartercard trade dollars for operation costs. They’ve been seeing incredible results for their business ever since, both in selling their stock and improving their cash flow.