How Bartercard Australia Works

If you’ve ever conducted a contra deal or barter with another business, you’ll understand how Bartercard works on a small scale. For those that haven’t, basically our network exists to enable businesses from across Australia and the world to trade with one another using Bartercard trade dollars.

That means if you have trouble moving some stock from your retail store, you can tap into the Bartercard Australia  network and find greater opportunities for selling merchandise in exchange for trade dollars at the same value you would usually sell it for money.

There are then countless ideas for using your trade dollars, with more than 55,000 cardholders to trade with. This might mean buying stock that will help the operation of your retail business, purchasing vouchers, booking a table at a restaurant or some other kind of incentive for rewarding staff, or even using it on a personal level to buy things you would usually use cash for.

The basic premise of Bartercard is easy to understand, but the options for creatively getting the most out of your membership are endless. Thankfully our network allows you to do more than just trade, with plenty of other business owners willing to share their knowledge and advice with you for both bartering and the retail world in general.