Bartercard for Businesses in the Retail Industry

How can Bartercard Australia work for your retail business?

If you’re in the retail industry and looking for a revolutionary way to improve your profit margins, look no further than Bartercard Australia. We are one of the leading trading networks in the world, and as such have been helping retail businesses sell off their seemingly unmovable excess stock for more than 25 years.

There are many reasons why it may be difficult to sell certain merchandise, such as products becoming out dated or out of season by the introduction of new ones. As sales slowdown, retail businesses are often forced to reduce prices or provide incentives for consumers making a purchase. With Bartercard Australia, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Our trading community opens your selling opportunities up to a whole new level. Becoming a Bartercard member means you’ll be able to network to more than 24,000 members, where you’ll have a much greater chance of selling idle or excess stock at full retail price in trade dollars.

If you want stability for your retail business in an uncertain economy and a business-to-business networking opportunity like no other in the world, join Bartercard Australia today. Call us on 1300 227 837!

Heard about our initial public offering? Find more information about the Bartercard Initial Public Offering here.

Currumbin Pet, Stockfeed and Rural Supplies – Bartercard Review


Owner: Megan Short
Business: Currumbin Pet, Stockfeed and Rural Supplies

I joined Bartercard to get rid of idle stock that my business could not move. I have been able to purchase so many wonderful things on Bartercard that I have donated back to charities for raffles or auction items.

Without Bartercard, I wouldn’t of been able to donate the $7,000 worth of prizes to these non profit charities.

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Bartercard Review – Lisa Lees, Camerons Blinds and Awnings


“We keep more cash in our pockets each time we spend on Bartercard, which we put back into creating a better customer experience through improvements to our showroom and our shop-at-home service. Saving approximately $10,000 a year in cash on Bartercard is the icing on the cake.”

Lisa Lees – Brand Manager, Camerons Blinds and Awnings

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Bartercard Review – Warren Stewart, Founder and Owner of Morlife


“Bartercard attracts new customers and gives our brand exposure in the cash market. One Bartercard retailer in New Zealand bought $3,000 worth of our chocolate coated blueberries which he sells to cash paying customers. We’ve also created partnerships with health practitioners we’ve met through the Bartercard network who endorse our products to their clients”

Warren Stewart – Founder and Owner of Morlife

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Bartercard Review – Karl Schwantes, Xennox Diamonds


“We ran a promotion giving away a holiday package with each cash purchase of a ring for $3,500 or more. We purchased the holiday packages on Bartercard, without spending cash, and the promotion resulted in almost 30 cash sales in two months.”

Karl Schwantes – Xennox Diamonds

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Bartercard Review – Veronica Avila, The Latin Store


“We love Bartercard because it takes the pressure off travel costs. We recently stayed in Queenstown on a business trip and used our trade dollars to cover the cost of meals at restaurants, massages, beauty treatments at salons, safari tours and visits to natural hot pools, saving more than $1,200.”

Veronica Avila – The Latin Store

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